An update on the Livery Kitchen Initiative, which we support

In the 6thweek of its second phase of meal deliveries, we thought you might appreciate an update on how things are going with the Livery Kitchen Initiative.

Support to the NHS – Phase 1:

  • At the end of the LKI’s first phase (on 31stJuly), £110,000 of the funds raised by 32 Livery companies, other organisations and individuals had been spent on delivering just over 34,000 meals to NHS staff working in covid positive environments at Barts, Royal London and Newham University hospitals.
  • £94,000 of the remaining funds raised remains in reserve for support to the NHS in the same (or different?) hospitals during this emerging second surge of the virus.
  • Sadly, Party Ingredients is not currently in a position to provide further support but we would like to reiterate just how fundamentally crucial they were to setting up the LKI, and how invaluable Peter Gladwin’s and Emma Spofforth’s advice, support and enthusiasm for the project was from the outset.  We could not have got this first LKI phase off the ground without them.

Support to North and East London Community Groups – Phase 2:

  • Since 24thAugust, and in partnership with City Harvest (, both the Drapers’ and Fishmongers’ kitchens are now delivering 200 meals a day (300 on Wed) to eight north and east London community groups in rotation, namely:

Solidarity Britannia

British Red Cross, Hackney Destitution Centre

Embrace House of Faith

Reclaim at the Lane

Our Community Cares


Aston Mansfield

Royal Docks Learning Activity Centre

£95,000 has been raised for this second LKI phase (from Drapers, Fishmongers and Clothworkers’ charitable funds).  Financial projections currently confirm these deliveries will be sustainable until the end of the year.


  • This LKI phase provides desperately needed nutritious meals to those in food poverty in a similar footprint to the hospitals supported in Phase One.


  • Some are homeless or have no recourse to public funds; others are in work poverty often with both adults in the family in full-time work but earning just above the threshold which would otherwise qualify them for benefits. It has been reported to us that this is the fastest growing beneficiary group of those we are supporting through this initiative.


  • Some recipients are key workers (including nurses from hospitals such as Newham University Hospital supported during lockdown) who suffer from time and work poverty, that is to say that balancing work, child and other family care means they have no time or little money for shopping.


  • These meals, which are being hugely well received, help City Harvest provide much needed food support to those living in incredibly challenging circumstances with no discernible end in sight to their hardship.


What might the future hold – Phase 3?


  • This third phase couldsee four Livery kitchens delivering meals to both the three NHS hospitals (or other hospitals?) and City Harvest nominated community groups at the same time, but it remains unclear what form this nascent second surge may take in North and East London and thus what, if any, NHS support may be required.


  • Should the NHS call on our help again, we will release the £94,000 reserves in order to provide the meal support they require.We are beginning to re-engage with The Royal London, Barts and Newham University hospitals in order to get a feel for how the situation is developing.  A little premature to get any certainty but our contacts in each location have agreed that the timing is right to restart a dialogue.

We hope this brings you up to speed with current LKI activity.  We will keep you informed of developments but do please get in touch if you need more information.