A message from the Chairman of CACT

Dear Members of the Company,

I am writing to thank you for your continued support of the Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust.

Your generosity has meant that, over the last six years, the Trust has been able to donate over £1m to charitable causes and in so doing has helped more than 25,000 individuals and families.

Full details of all the charities we support can be found in our report and accounts which is available on the charity section of the WCA website. Thank you letters from many charities are also on the website.

You will have heard from a number of these charities at our livery dinners but, as we have not been able to dine together recently, I wanted to highlight the support we are giving to the Livery Kitchen initiative. This is providing over 500 meals a day to the Royal London, St Bartholomew’s and the Newham University hospitals during this particularly difficult time for our healthcare workers.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Master, Immediate Past Master, Wardens and Clerk for their extreme generosity in promising to match donations made by members of the Company in support of a number of charities that have been particularly hard hit by the effects of Covid19. If you have not already supported this initiative then I would encourage you to do so; they are all very deserving causes.

One practical point to note is that we are no longer sending out individual statements showing how much each member of the Company has donated. This was a very time consuming and costly exercise and we took the view that the money would be better served supporting our charitable causes. However, if anyone needs details of their donations then please contact the Almoner (almoner@actuariescompany.co.uk) who will be pleased to provide this information.

Finally, as my eight year term as a trustee comes to an end, I wanted to thank you again for your generosity and give a special thanks to my fellow trustees and Almoner for their hard work and unwavering support.

I know that in passing the Chair to Peter Crutchett I am leaving the Trust in good hands.


With best wishes

Alan Smith

Chairman of Trustees

18 July 2020