Actuaries win Inter-Livery Quiz

The Master led a team of four actuaries in the first-ever quiz competition for the 13 Companies that make up the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies. There were ten rounds, and after the second round – questions on television programmes – the actuaries were in last position (taking pride in the fact that television was not something actuaries do). The team were then as surprised as anyone that it ended up winning. Past Master Nick Dumbreck sailed through the music questions, and Junior Warden Julie Griffiths sorted out the Disney songs, and London geography. The Master came into his own on sport and surprisingly some pop music questions. Past Sheriff Adrian Waddingham proved useful on the questions about the square mile. Questions that stumped the team included: the colour of chocolate diamonds; the name of Bill Syke’s dog; and the names of numbers 4 and 5 in the Thunderbirds.

Here’s the prize giving!