Charitable Trust


The Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust

Chairman: P Crutchett

Almoner: C Bamford

Trustees: P Crutchett, S Dudley, C Green, I Farr, Ms J Segal, G Simmons, J Stewart, R Ross

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Trust is to distribute the income of the Trust in ways which will make a difference; principally by supporting:

  1. a small number of significant activities to further mathematical and financial education
  2. a broad range of charities where members of the livery are involved
  3. WCA’s presence in the City of London.

Charitable Giving

Members of the actuarial profession or their dependants, and members of the Institute or Faculty suffering hardship may make an application for assistance to the Trustees, who will give sympathetic consideration to any case of hardship brought to their notice.

The original objectives of the Trust were to support those wishing to study to become actuaries. There have been significant developments in the training of young actuaries since 1980 and the Trustees have broadened the scope of their support to the development of mathematical teaching in general and the development of numeracy, a key skill for actuaries, in particular. There are three areas of activity which the Trust is currently supporting.

  1. Whether there would be a benefit to society in general if mathematics was taught to all students beyond the age of 16.
  2. Encouraging young people to understand mathematics as more than a dry academic subject and to see not only its inherent beauty but also its often surprising utility in everyday life.
  3. Supporting developments in the teaching of arithmetic to young people of all ages.

Full details of the Aims, Objectives and Governance of the Trust and of the charities currently supported can be found in the sidebars on this page.

The Trust supports other charities than those with a mathematical basis. The policy of the Trust is to give priority in its donations to charities in which members of the livery or the wider actuarial profession are active, and the Trustees actively encourage members to apply for support.

The Trustees can be contacted via the Almoner whose email address is