Charitable Fund

The Company of Actuaries Charitable Trust Fund was established by Trust Deed in 1980

Its main purposes are to provide charitable financial support by way of grants for:

* the education of actuaries and research in the field of actuarial science

* those studying to become an actuary

* mathematical and financial education in schools

* any charity where a member of the Actuaries’ Company or another actuary is actively involved

* charities within the City of London

During the year 2019/20 the total amount granted came to just over £250,000.

The main source of income is donations and legacies from members of the Actuaries’ Company.

The Trustees are Peter Crutchett (Chairman), Simon Dudley, Chris Green, Ian Farr, Jenny Segal, Gary Simmons, Jay Stewart and Robert Ross, all of whom are Liverymen of the Actuaries’ Company.

The Honorary Treasurer is Chris Bamford, who carries out a treasury role for the Trustees. Jerry Staffurth is the Honorary Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. Both can be contacted at

The latest report and accounts of the Charitable Fund can be found below:

CACT Accounts 2019-2020