Some of the charities where a member of the Actuaries’ Company, or another actuary, is actively involved


Brainwave Trust

This charity works to bring measurable improvements to the lives of children with physical, sensory, learning, cognitive and behavioural “additional needs” caused by cerebral palsy, genetic conditions, autism and developmental delay. It provides support to the children’s’ parents and carers to help them cope more effectively with the special needs of the children. Our donations are going to provide specialist equipment which parents are trained to use in their own home.

Past Master Bill Smith is an ambassador of this charity.


East Anglia’s Children’s’ Hospices

EACH supports families and cares for children and young people with life-threatening illnesses across East Anglia, either in their homes, or in the community or in its three hospices, located in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Liveryman Roger Cobley is a trustee.


Suited & Booted

This charity specialises in helping disadvantaged and vulnerable men in London gain employment, by providing suitable clothing for attending interviews, interview training and general mentoring.

Liverymen Gary Simmons and Mike Thomas are active supporters of this charity.


Dan’s Fund for Burns

This charity provides assistance and support to adult burns survivors in the UK, directly to the patients, their families and to hospital burns units

This charity was established by the family of the late Past Master Peter Derby, following the Bali terrorist bombing in 2002 in which his daughter was very seriously injured and her husband and a number of close friends were killed. Peter’s daughter was recently awarded an MBE for her work.



This charity helps children with speech, language and communication needs. Our  support is specifically to help children in the Barking and Dagenham area of London

Liveryman Stuart Shepley is a trustee and treasurer.


Marylebone Project

This charity supports homeless women at a drop-in centre in Marylebone. We have donated specifically for a series of classes teaching sewing skills, with a view to helping women back into work and producing items for sale to raise money for the charity.

Liveryman Jill Ampleford is actively involved.


East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services

This charity supports victims of domestic abuse in a large part of Surrey. Our donations are being specifically used to help meet the costs of a volunteer and manager. The charity relies heavily on its volunteers, some of whom are previous victims of domestic abuse themselves. The volunteers can provide long term support to families, at court hearings, housing assessments and more generally.

Companion Janet Hails is actively involved and a trustee in this charity.


Saint Francis Hospice

This charity is an adult hospice covering NE London and west Essex. We specifically  fund a young adults group. Once a month, young persons with life-limiting conditions meet for a meal and group activities at the hospice, under the supervision of a specialist nurse.

Liveryman Peter Crutchett is chairman of the trustees.


Watford Sheltered Workshop

This charity provides employment and life skills to disabled people to help them move into the workforce and live a more independent life. We have donated specifically to help fund the teaching of numeracy, literacy, money handling and other life skills.

Philippa Aaronson, an actuary, is a volunteer on this programme and her husband is a trustee and honorary treasurer of the charity.


Martial Arts Charitable Trust

Our support allows free karate lessons to deprived children in two north London schools. The discipline involved in learning this martial art has seen behavioural improvements as well as an increase in the children’s confidence.

Liveryman Alan Smith is a trustee.       


 Edmonton Sea Cadets 

For several years the Trust Fund has sponsored the Edmonton Sea Cadets at TS Plymouth on the banks of the river Lea in north-east London. The Sea Cadets survive on minimal grants and depend on volunteer support. They do much good work in providing interests and training to young people in their formative years. In addition to annual funding support, the Actuaries’ Company presents the ( Past Master) Robert Thomas Award to the “Cadet of the year” at our Mansion House Banquet, where the Cadets provide a reception line for the attendees.