Installation of our 40th Master


We installed our 40thMaster, Nick Salter, on 12 July 2018. For obvious reasons, Nick had selected Salters’ Hall for the occasion because how many other Masters can claim to have a Hall named after them.

At the end of the ceremony, the Master stood, fully robed, on a set of Salters scales and weighed in at 13st 10lbs This was verified by the Clerk and Nick will soon tell us what the “bet” is for the year!

The drinks reception followed and dinner was served at 7.30pm. The procession in to the dining Hall was accompanied superbly by two trumpeters, playing the famous march “Scipio” from the gallery.

After the starter, the Master welcomed two new Freemen who had been admitted that afternoon and this was followed by a short presentation by Liveryman Bill Harris on the work our charitable trust is doing for Narcolepsy UK. It was very rewarding to hear what a difference our contribution makes.

After dinner, the new Junior Warden, Julie Griffiths, welcomed the guests. Our principal guest was The Rt Hon The Earl Howe, who is deputy leader of the House of Lords. Livery guests included Alderman Peter Estlin (Master International Banker and Lord Mayor elect), Master Salter (of course!), Master Scientific Instrument Maker and Master Arbitrator.

Earl Howe then spoke very humorously about characters in the House of Lords and reinforced the importance of have a second chamber to provide “checks and balances” to government.

Finally, our new Master entertained us all with a witty speech and set out plans for his year ahead.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening to welcome our 40thMaster – a Salter in Salters’ Hall.