Our Charitable Trust supports the Livery Kitchen initiative

We are delighted to announce that the trustees of CACT have decided to donate £5,000 to this initiative. More details on the initiative are contained in the Lord Mayor’s message and there are further details below. Our trustees are to be congratulated in taking this decision quickly in a time of great need. Well done!

The NHS Livery Kitchen initiative has now been producing individually packed, pre-cooked, microwavable meals for staff at the Royal London Hospital (RLH) since Mon 20th April.  200 meals a day were delivered last week and this week has seen 300 meals a day being delivered to the RLH.  Next week will see 100 meals a day being delivered to St Bartholomew’s Hosp (Barts Hosp) in addition to the 300 meals a day being delivered to the RLH. 

Four kitchens are now involved from the Grocers, Drapers, Merchant Taylors and volunteers from Party Ingredients.  Sixteen Livery companies and individuals are considering or have donated c.£170,000 to ensure the project’s successful launch and sustainability.  To allow them to avoid using public transport, members of the Hackney Carriage Drivers are delivering some staff to kitchens and are generously doing so for free for the first three weeks.   

The four kitchens are now assessing their weekly capacity to see if 500 meals a day or more can be sustained from week 4 (11th May) onwards.  

Demand continues to increase as news of the quality, quantity and consistency of delivery grows.  The attached short PPT pres provides more feedback, and some of the information in this briefing, but it is succinctly summed up by Dr Rej Bhumbra (RLH consultant orthopaedic surgeon and Draper):

‘It has made huge and real material differences to staff in the A&E, Surgical, Intensive care, as well as the Trauma and Orthopaedic departments. A significant proportion of Nurses, Doctors, support and management staff now need not queue, for up to 45 minutes, in the staff canteen to receive food that is nowhere near the quality of what has been sent to the hospital.’

For ease of logistics and proximity to the four kitchens, the RLH and Barts Hosp remain the primary recipients of these meals.  Tentative enquiries are now being made with other hospitals within and without the Barts Health NHS Trust, should there be a surplus once the current demand is met. 

A genuine thanks again to you all personally and collectively for your support from the NHS Livery Kitchen Team.  Without it this just would not have got off the ground.

A further update will be provided in about a fortnight’s time but do please come back to any of the NHS Livery Kitchen Team should you need further information. 

Very best wishes,

Richard Winstanley 

Clerk, The Drapers’ Company

NHS Livery Kitchens – RLH feedback pics.