The Installation of our 41st Master

Installation Banquet – 17 July 2019

2019 is our 40thanniversary year and on 17 July we held our Installation Banquet on the same day in July and at the same Hall as 40 years ago.

Around 165 of us therefore gathered at Stationers’ Hall for a splendid celebratory Banquet. Before that the 41stMaster, Fiona Morrison, was installed in the church of St Martin within Ludgate – an original ”Wren church” linked to Stationers’ Hall. Julie Griffiths was installed as Senior Warden and Keith Jones as Junior Warden.

The Banquet went off to a great start when the Master welcomed the 14 Founder Members of the Company who were able to attend. The food that was then served paid homage to what was served 40 years ago, but the “Petit Kebab” on the original menu was a mystery. The 2019 version of cheese and grapes on a stick worked well!!

We were joined in the evening by 17 Masters of other Livery companies and two Aldermen. These guests were welcomed in a speech by Past Master Peter Thompson, who also managed to get variations of “forty” into his speech on numerous occasions!!

Our main guest speaker was Alderman Sir David Wootton, a former Lord Mayor. Amongst other things, he focussed on all the good charitable work done by the Livery movement.

The closing remarks by the Master reminded us all that, having reached our ruby anniversary, we now need to look forward and ensure that we build on all the good work done in the last 40 years.