We launch a great Charity Matching Challenge

A message from the Master:
Charity Matching Challenge

Dear members of the Company

Last week I shared my notes on becoming a “lockdown Master” and highlights of everything we have been doing as a Company since our more traditional activities were abruptly stopped.

I promised more on charity and here it is: our new charity matching initiative, which I am incredibly excited about.

As you will be aware, the COVID lockdown has had a significant impact on many charities, including some of those we regularly support through CACT, our charitable trust. There is a drop in their regular income coinciding with a significant increase in the need for their services. In addition, the surge in support for the Black Lives Matter campaign and the disproportionate impact of COVID on the BAME community, has led us to consider how we can respond to show our support for this community in London.

It is disappointing for all of us to miss out on our regular dinners and social events where we gather to enjoy each other’s company in beautiful surroundings in the City, but this also provides an opportunity to demonstrate that there is much more to being a Liveryman than this. The number of attendees at our Thursday evening virtual socials has illustrated the strength of our community and our ability to adapt.

We are now inviting you to donate the money that you might have spent attending our dinners this year to one or more charities that have specific needs at the current time.

The scheme works like this – the Master, Wardens, Immediate Past Master and the Clerk have all contributed to a fund of £25,000 that will be used to match donations from you to the charities listed below,

  • Brainwave
  • East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services
  • The Felix Project
  • The Marylebone Project
  • The Stephen Lawrence Trust
  • Suited and Booted
  • XLP


WCA Charity Matching

The suggested donation is £350 – this represents the cost of a place at the Mansion House Banquet and July and October dinners that have been cancelled. However, we will match the value of all donations from a minimum of £110 – the cost of one dinner – up to £1,000. It would be fantastic to raise from you an amount equal to our £25,000 pot and, of course, charities will receive the gift aid supplement too.  Donations above £1,000 are also very welcome, but will not be matched in full!

By way of an example, if you contribute £350, with Gift Aid, the total value of your donation will be £875 after matching. If you donate £1,000 then, with Gift Aid, this would be worth £2,500. Higher rate tax payers receive tax relief too!

The form to contribute and to indicate your choice can be found here. You can chose more than one charity or, if you prefer, you can leave the Trustees of CACT to make the choice for you.

Your donation should be paid directly to CACT – account 00566470 at 50-00-00 – using reference “Covid [your name]”. Details are also contained on the form. If you do not have a Gift Aid form already set up with CACT (or if you are not sure) and would like your donation to benefit then you should email almoner@actuariescompany.co.uk.

At the virtual Mansion House event on 28 May I also mentioned the Maths in Prisons initiative that the Senior Warden and I have chosen to focus on. This initiative has been delayed by the lockdown but we are still continuing work in the background and we would also like to take the opportunity to set aside some funding ready for when this can commence. So, 10% of every donation you make will set aside for this before the remainder is allocated to your chosen charities as described above.

We are arranging a charity focused social event at 6.30pm on Thursday 16 July, where you can hear more about the charities and the specific work they are doing at the current time. The link to join the social via Zoom is here.

The matching scheme will remain open until 31 July, so please make your donations in good time – the need is now and we will distribute the funds during August. We will then report back to you all on the success of the campaign.

I am so excited about this initiative, which will change people’s lives, so I urge you to be generous and show what we Actuaries can do. Imagine the impact of you all together matching the pot we have put aside, meaning that (with Gift Aid) we would donate £62,500 to worthy charities.

My sincere thanks in anticipation.

Fiona Morrison
Master 2019/20
1 July 2020